Don’t just settle for a chip, make a real performance difference with MAF Conversion to MAP using MAPECU Piggyback ECU!

iPhone App and MAPECU3 WiFi Module are here!

MAPECU Piggyback ECU.

MAF Conversion MAPECU piggyback ECU












 MAPECU piggyback ECU. MAF Conversion.

MAPECU piggyback ECU. MAF Conversion.

Welcome to the MAPECU Piggyback ECU home.  The best MAF conversion to MAP piggyback ECU just got better!   We are proud to announce our App iMAPCAL is finally here.  iMAPCAL is a user configurable dashboard App for your iPhone®, iPod® Touch or iPad® that communicates with a MAPECU3 via the optional WiFi module now also available.  Create custom dashboards using our three different themed gauge designs and datalog all wirelessly!  Click here for more details.

MAF Conversion

 MAF Conversion

What FSR Motorsport say about MAPECU……

“We’ve been using MAPECU products for more than 8 years now with great success. With the release of the MAPECU 3, we were excited to hear about many of the new features and we’ve had a chance to put them to use. The USB connectivity has been flawless and makes the entire tuning process go more quickly. We also take advantage of the on the fly map switching, boost control, and flexible ignition timing control to compensate for variable fuel composition such as meth injection, E85, and race gas. The added features such as lean protection and WiFi connectivity are just icing on the cake. We have found the MAPECU3 to be the most flexible piggyback on the market and the support behind the product is second to none. We haven’t had a hardware failure, ever!”  - May 2013

 MAF Conversion


Welcome to our new website.  Performance Motor Research was founded in 2002 with the goal of designing the most advanced, user friendly and high quality piggyback ECU’s available in the market backed up by exceptional customer service.

On this website you will find information about all our products and the downloads you need to install and tune your unit.  We have wiring diagrams and base tables for many popular vehicles.  If you cannot find one for your vehicle, do not hesitate to contact us.  We also have a dedicated MAPECU support forum with over 10 years of reference information, base tables and wiring diagram information.

Our key differentiator is that all our piggyback ECU’s incorporate a MAP sensor and convert from any air flow meter to speed-density (MAP) based load sensing for maximum performance with fuel economy. This is commonly called “MAF Conversion”.  All MAPECU’s utilize a high quality extruded aluminum case for maximum durability.  MAPECU’s have been used in a wide range of vehicles from imports to european and domestic.  They are especially suited to forced induction conversions with the ability to control closed loop air-fuel-ratio’s (AFR’s) and built in boost controller.

We believe the MAPECU piggyback ECU’s provide the best balance of everyday drivability, additional features and tuning exactly matched to your vehicle.  This includes working with the latest direct injection, OBDII, CAN and variable valve timing OEM ECU’s.  And if you need to put your vehicle back to it’s stock configuration, just unplug the MAPECU (if you used a Plug-and-Play harness)!  The dealer will never know you modified your vehicle and there is no tell-tail reflashed program in the OEM ECU.

We are very excited to be the first piggyback ECU in the market with a WiFi interface and iPhone App which allows you to monitor your vehicle’s vital functional through a customizable dashboard.  We call our App iMAPCAL and you can find more details in our products page or search the Appstore for iMAPCAL.

Our latest MAPECU3 incorporates all the features of our previous MAPECU and MAPECU2 plus a number of new ones:

  • USB interface that powers the unit for configuration outside the vehicle
  • An optional WiFi module for wireless connection with our iPhone App
  • Additional fully programmable inputs and outputs
  • Built-in 42PSI MAP sensor
  • Advanced Launch Control with Speed and Ignition Retard
  • Advanced Nitrous Activation (Boost, TPS, RPM and Speed)
  • Lean Boost Retard protection feature



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