View Full Version : Map-cal3 V3.4.2

1st-May-2013, 11:37 AM
We have uploaded a new version of the WiFi enabled software V3.4.2 to the website with new MAP-ECU3 formware (V4.5). We have added a new option to Switched Output #1 called "IGF". This generates an igniter feedback signal required by most Toyota's ECU's, in particular the 7M-G(T)E if you want launch control (2-step) to work properly. It will also useful for any 1JZ or 2JZ when using launch control (2-step). All you do is configure the switched output to "IGF" and connect the switched output #1 wire (green/yellow) on the 16-way to the IGF input of the OEM ECU. The OEM ECU will be blissfully unaware of the missing ignition pulses when the 2-step is mis-firing the engine. :)

Best of all for the MKIII 7M-G(T)E community is they don't need to add the annoying transistor to generate the IGF signal!