View Full Version : BMW E30 1988 M325i

10th-September-2007, 11:40 PM
Here is the dyno sheet from my BMW's first tune with the MAP-ECU installed..
The engine has had a few modifications:

M20 B25 Big valve head, ported/polished
288 Schrick Cam
New Valves rockers retainers, Schrick double valve springs etc etc...
M20 B27 Block, surface planed 1mm
M20 Pre-facelift high comp pistons
1.4mm head gasket
Custom made headers and 2.25inch exhaust
Cold air intake
Lightened flywheel
Close Ratio dogbox
Removed AFM for MAP

Pretty happy with the result , factory the M20 was putting out 170hp @ the flywheel, but that was twenty years ago!! I would estimate it would be around the 140-145hp today..
Im netting about 200hp @ the flywheel and a truckload more torque which is where it counts :) The MAP ECU has certainly given this engine bagloads of midrange torque and superb throttle response! The punch when the big cam comes on @3500rpm is out-right amazing! I cant wait to get it on the track :)

14th-September-2007, 01:32 PM
Looks good. I'm nearly finished building a very similar engine for my 325i racecar - ported head, 288 schrick, 2.5 litre, extractors & mapecu. I still need to source bigger injectors. Are you able to provide me a copy of your fuel table? How is the drivability - were any parts of the table difficult to tune?