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12th-November-2007, 07:31 AM
Hi guys, i'll write here next time to report the finale result of installing the mapecu onto a fiat coupe Turbo 20v.

the car itself is not so higly tuned, but the result is amazing.

the standard car is a 1998cc turbocharged with 220ps & 310nm on 1,2 peak 0,85 to redline, with tb2810 turbo. 5 cylinder, powered with brembo brakes 305mm.

actually, the car has 85.000 km on it, with these list of tuning:

GT28Rs 0.86 - 440cc - fpr 4bar - 70mm inox full - dp 3" - uprated copper clutch - evo 7 fmic - erl aquamist 1s -mapecu - spa dual egt - aem wide band - blitz sbc type s - GMP chip - c&b cams - orap suspension + eibach - sparco strut brace - tarox sport japan 305 disc + ds2500 ferodo pads - recaro speed + sabelt harness - 17" rims mak veleno -

with mapecu, i've changed the very limited afm oem system. with oem afm installed, the car goes in maxed out flow at only 1 bar, ~300ps.

with mapecu, i can ran now with 1,55 bar midrange & 1,25 redline without any cut! the result now is a power output from 340ps -360ps, depending on external condition and advance.

the installation was so easy. i've only some troubles with logging the Af ratio, i've an aem gauge with uego, but i've noticed a difference in reading from mapecu or from aem gauge. i've modified the aem table value of mapecu, matching the first 15 value of aem with 15 value of mapecu. the result is a more accurancy of value under 13:1, above there no reading obviously. i think also that the lenght of aem o2 exit cable is too long. any other ideas ? the difference is much like 1 point of afr, as i read 11:1 into aem, mapecu shown ~12:1.

the car i'snt ready yet for a dyno, but i think to make a dyno into next 2 weeks.

here some pics of the cars, and mapecu. please note that i've painted into black for hinding it, infact the mapecu is placed in a place very visibile also for police men..







12th-November-2007, 09:48 PM
Wow! Fantastic results and thanks for posting them. We are interested in what you have learnt from the AEM AFR meter so we can correct our look up table.

Thanks again!

14th-November-2007, 12:48 PM
that is with original aem 02 lut


and that is the same condition, (well, no exactly same rpm etc..) with my lut modified.


as you can see, this last one, is more accurate on low 13 afr value, is more like the aem gauge show. the first one, is maybe 1 point greater than aem. i don't know if the lenght of my aem 02 0-5v exit is too long... but with that lut conversion the map ecu is more accurate.

any ideas to resolve it ? do you think is better to rechange the cable with his original lenght, as aem pages write...

now i've the lut file into notebook, far from here, so no to show the lut inside. tomorrow i'll post the lut entirely.

best regards from italy


14th-November-2007, 02:35 PM
I don't think the cable length is going to affect things. Can you post the modified AEM file you are using and which AEM UEGO are you using?

15th-November-2007, 11:51 AM
that is lut aem from mapecu

0,0.16,0.16,0.62,0.94,1.4,1.72,2.18,2.5,2.96,3.27, 3.74,4.05,4.37,4.68,4.99,5
0,0,0.68,0.747,0.786,0.848,0.892,0.953,0.996,1.058 ,1.1,1.163,1.206,1.249,1.288,1.331,1.362

this one, is mine modified, to achieve more accurancy into low 13:1 (obviously i've sacrified the value > 13:1, i nfact at idle, the mapecu show only "lean" as result of max riched lut table.)

0,0.125,0.250,0.375,0.5,0.625,0.75,0.875,1,1.125,1 .25,1.375,1.5,1.625,1.75,1.875,2,2.125,2.250,2.375 ,2.5
0,0.7,0.717,0.734,0.751,0.768,0.803,0.820,0.837,0. 854,0.871,0.888,0.905,0.922,0.939,0.956,0.973,0.99 0,1.009,1.025

the more lenght of aem o2 output cable i think work as a resistance, so the voltage signal is corrupted, and goes up.
i think the lenght is twice the original :( but the installation request that.

i use the bosch lsu.
possible solution ?