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Thread: jdm 2jzgte in sc300 problem

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    The 30-230x series has a strange no-linear 0-5V AFR output. We have not built a O2 lookup file for that unit yet.

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    so what the best wideband to get and easy to hook up to the map-ecu2???

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    Look at the ones with lookup tables and installation instructions on the Forum. A WB that provides a good AFR range, i.e. 10:1 through to 20:1 is a good starting point. Check the response time in the data sheet too. If you already have a 30-230x we can build a lookup table.
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    if you guys can build the lookup table that would be grate because i really dont wat to buy a new wideband

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    Give this a try.
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    now my wideband works grate thanks

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    would you mind sharing you last table map for the 850cc?
    im having some problem to do mine

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