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Thread: Mapecu2 is not boosting

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    Default Mapecu2 is not boosting

    I'm running twin GT2530 turbo controlled by a Delco solenoid connected to output #2 which is setup as PSI. In the logfiles I can see that the EBC duty never changes and stays 0%. How should I set my sensitivity and gain to increase boost?

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    You need to set Switched Output 2 to "EBC" (Electronic Boost Control), PSI is just a simple pressure switch that changes state at the pressure specified in the "Pres Switch" field.

    Then in the RPM table at the lower right of the configuration screen set target boost levels (EBC Pres) and duty cycles (EBC Duty %)for each RPM range. Start low with the duty cycles and gradually increase until you reach your target boost, then check the EBC CDuty % for each range after a run. This is a computed value based on the actual boost levels achieved and gives you a guideline as to where to set EBC Duty %. If boost goes beyond target, the computed value is used by the MAP-ECU2 to attempt to maintain target boost. EBC gain determines how quickly the ECU makes this correction, lower number means faster correction.

    EBC sensitivity specifies the percentage of target boost that the solenoid starts operating, so if you find that boost is momentarily overshooting try reducing this until it settles. Note that this only affects fast-spool modes.

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    Thanks cogs! That did the trick! I completely overlooked the EBC option for switched output 2.

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