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Thread: 1991 supra 7mgte parts questions

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    Default 1991 supra 7mgte parts questions

    im looking into buying this for my car i have crowers and i cant get it to run like i want and i wanted to get rid of my air flow meter and upgrade to this is there any extra parts i need that dont come with it to install sorry if this is a dumb question do i need to buy a map sensor or does that come with it i need as much info on this as possible and is the ecu 2 alot better choice if im looking to upgrade injectors and more boost is this a good tuning system that will help with more aggressive cam shafts i have the 272 from crower hope to hear soon thanks

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    MAP-ECU2 is always going to give you a better outcome as you can optimise the fuel and ignition timing. Both units come with built in MAP sensors so all you need to install them is a vacuum line and the materials to connect the supplied harness to the car, e.g. solder/heatshrink or bullet connectors. There are a couple of electronic components required for a MAP-ECU2 installation on a 7M-GTE (see the wiring diagram) which we will supply for free if you purchase from our website.

    A word of warning. You might like to check the vacuum with your cams to make sure there is decent vacuum at idle, e.g. at least -18inHg. Poor vacuum can lead to tuning difficulties.
    MAP-ECU Support

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    I read up on the ecu 2 and it had launch control which I really want and it seems a lot more difficult to install I'm newt o electronics upgrading I know engines and I have good concept on reading wiring diagrams I don't wanna get stuck on something I can't finish bc there r no tuners where I live that I know of and what's the best way to check the vacuum and I'm having idleing problems that's y I want this system to tune it good so it will be more streetable

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    Your big cams are probably causing the idle issues. A vacuum gauge is usually the easiest way to read idle vacuum.

    It sounds like you are going to need some help if this is your first engine management ECU project and you do not have much experience with electonics.
    MAP-ECU Support

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    im sure i will im in electrical at school which has been helping me and i meant to say i had 264 cams i posted that right after reading something about the 272 cams and it was stuck in my head but i guess i could buy it and try my best i mean u seem to be alot of help if i really get stuck and im sure someone around knows this kinda stuff

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