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    i have a sc300 with aristo 2jzgte 850cc inj 6765 turbo @ 20psi. so I was street tuning my car and after a hard pull in 4th gear it dies and even when i was doing some good drifts to make sure my afr was good afterwards when I'd finish the drift and let off the gas pedal my car dies.
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    I can't see anything wrong with the table you uploaded, it looks like a normal JDM table reduced to compensate for the larger injectors. What makes you think the problem is the MAP-ECU2?

    Have you checked for error codes in the OEM ECU?
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    no i havent checked for error codes but im about to now

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    i had a code 21 witch o2 but i have that unplug and 31 witch is the map sensor... so i fixed the wire and reset the ecu.

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