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Thread: map cal not doing anything

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    Default map cal not doing anything

    Map cal is not doing anything not sure if its picking up MAP ecu at all. everything shows zero is there a way to change this? maybe change different input?

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    That is not much information. Can you please explain step by step what you are doing? Thanks.
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    Sorry. Basically the Unit is plugged into the ECU

    The serial cable is connected to my computer Laptop ( running windows xp home)

    when map cal is opened. There are Zero read outs. No tps, no rpm signal nothing.

    Its like it is not connected at all.
    IS there something inside mapcal software i can use to configure which com port it uses?

    its a com to usb adapter btw.
    Thank you.

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    Start with reading the quickstart shipped with the unit and the PDF manual on the CD and on the website.

    Basically you have not connected to the MAP-ECU to read it's configuration. it does not do it automatically. Find out the COM port assigned to your USB adaptor and configure MAP-CAL Config to that COM port. Press Connect to connect with the MAP-ECU. The process is covered in the manual. Also, FYI - the MAP-CAL2 manual has the screen shots that show you how to find the COM port assigned to the USB adaptor.
    MAP-ECU Support

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    thanks got it all figured out. Now just tuning.

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