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Thread: '95 Supra NA-T 550cc

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    Default '95 Supra NA-T 550cc

    I need a table for a USDM '95 Supra NA-T with a 67mm, 550cc injectors, and a 400lph fuel pump.

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    Try these ones we picked up some some where. They will not be 100% correct but might be a good start.
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    Default JDM 550cc or 650cc tabe need

    Is this table good for the JDM na-t?

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    Nope, a JDM uses a MAP sensor not a MAF sensor so you need a different base table. I found a 525cc base table in our files for a MAP-ECU2 but it is not one of ours so there is no guarantees. It also has a different pressure scale than the MAP-ECU. Do you have an old MAP-ECU?
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    Yes, I have a mapecu ver1. My plan is going with Pte6766 turbo, 400lph Walbro and 550cc injectors or 650-750cc injectros E85 fuel.

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    That base table is not going to work with E85, you need much bigger injectors to compensate for E85. There are some base tables on the forum from other customers who have used E85.
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    What is the the size of the injectors what you recommend. I'm thinking about I will sell my my mapecu 1 and buy a mapecu3. My plan is 600whp on E85 with this setup: Pte6766, 400lph walbro, TT headgasket, stock cams stock engine. ??? injectors? What you recommend?

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    Sorry, I am not an E85 expert so I don't want to recommend the wrong injectors. Have you contacted the other people on the fourm who posted their E85 experiences?
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