Started off with a 2009 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner with the 4.0l 1gr-fe engine making in the low 200 hp from the factory. I then got the TRD supercharger and a URD true cold air intake, which upped the hp to just over 300 at the fly wheel. This was great for a while, but I needed more. So I ordered a Map-Ecu3 so I could take the project forward while keeping a good tune. I then added a URD 2.8" pulley (3.0" TRD stock), NST overdrive pulleys, and an APR 7th fuel injector. Used the Map-Ecu3 to modify my tune and control the 7th injector by allowing it to supplement the stock injectors when I was under boost. This got me to 11-12psi of boost and rocked. Then I added a set of Doug Thorley long tube headers and a Magnaflow exhaust to free up the exhaust system. This dropped by boost to 9.5psi by relieving back pressure and allowed me to tune my A/F ratios into the mid 11's while under full boost. This was all done smoothly with the Map-Ecu3. It was amazingly easy to tune with. Now this allowed me to run in the very low 80's in the 1/8 mile. However, I was beating people running in the mid 80's because of the huge amount of torque the blower was now making at low rpms. However, torque was peaking around 385 ft.lbs at around 3500 rpms and then gradually falling off due to the blowers characteristics (Eaton M90). So I have now added a Nitrous Express Proton nitrous kit. I am using the Map-Ecu3's NOS activation function to activate it for the following parameters;

3500 rpm - 5200 rpm
>90% Throttle
>1psi of boost
plus dash mounted switch being activated.

This setup allows the nitrous (50hp shot) to hit at 3500 rpm up to my shift points to keep the torque increasing. The fact that the nitrous is being sprayed through the blower is also increasing the blowers efficiency and adding a massive cooling effect. This means I should pick up around 80 to 90 ft.lbs of torque when I need it. This would put my peak torque around 480-490 ft.lbs. This should make a huge difference at the track. When you accelerate you feel the power when it hits boost and again at 3500 rpms when the nitrous hits. Will post some track results when they occur.