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Thread: Jdm 2jzgte running rich when its cold out side

  1. Default Jdm 2jzgte running rich when its cold out side

    Like it says my car runs in the 10 to 11 air fuel when its 60 to 70 degress out side and when it hits 80 to 100 outside then my car runs the 14.5 where i tuned it at... Is there away to fix this? Im running 850cc on my 2jz just dyno tune it last night hit 497who and 457tq

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    Nice power output,

    Are you using the MAP-ECU2 IAT compensation or do you have the IAT wired to the OEM ECU IAT wires?
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    i have it hooked up to the oem sensor... is that bad?

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    Sorry, I overlooked that you have a JDM vehicle. I think you would be able do something with a resistor to reduce the IAT compensation for larger injectors. Let me have a think about it.
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    And the sensor is in its stock locaion to...

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    Have you tried installing a 2200 ohm resistor instead of the IAT to disable IAT compensation?

    The IAT is a NTC device which means it has a negative temperature coefficient. As temperature reduces, resistance increases and as temp goes up, resistance decreases. Hence it is called a negative temperature coefficient, it is reverse. The alternative is to place a resistor in parallel with the IAT so as it cools, it limits the increase in resistance of the IAT and therefore how much richer the AFR's become. The problem with doing that is it will also alter the resistance and therefore AFR at normal temperatures where your AFR is 14.7:1. Some people but a variable resistor (potentiometer) in parallel with the IAT so they can adjust the balance. A 10,000 ohm or 22,000 ohm pot would probably be a good starting point.
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    Is there any wire diagram to wire this in i need to fix this asap because this is my dd...

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    This is not a MAP-ECU2 thing so it is not something I have tested. Here is a little diagram of the suggestion.

    The easiest thing to do is replace the IAT sensor with a 2200 ohm resistor to disable the OEM ECU IAT compensation.
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