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    I have attached a log of a test with internal FS selected.... I thought the controller should be holding 0 duty till it reaches the assigned boost ( 10psi)... this seems to show it stepping up. Is that correct?
    ( the wideband A/F was not fitted).
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    If you look closely at the blue throttle trace, there is a small spike every 0.7 secs, not rpm dependant. Have you seen anything similar before?
    This may be causing the spikes on the other traces, although these appear to increase in magnitude with rpm...

    I suspect that the 5v supply from the ecu to the sensors may be noisy... would the 5v output on the mapecu be able to supply the 5v needed for the map and TPS sensors?
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    The EBC duty does ramp, that is correct.

    I don't think the +5V from your OEM ECU is noisy, I still think your problem is the MAP-ECU3 grounds. Remember all voltages will be referenced to ground so if the ground is noisy then you will see it on the RPM and analog inputs. Also remember the EBC solenoid is grounded through the MAP-ECU3 switched output so if the ground connection is poor, then every time the solenoid turns on, there will be a small spike. How have you connected the 2 MAP-ECU3 ground wires to the OEM ECU harness?
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    Sorry, I have replied to this under technical... I have posted a screen shot of the log. I have been through all the grounds, and they are as per your wiring diagram
    I am wondering if the ripples on the map log are as a result of the boost fluctuations, rather than any issues with the map senor itself.
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    What we have seen before with grounds is that the OEM ECU harness pin was slightly high resistance so when there was decent current drawn, the ground would rise up a little. This would account for the TPS spiking as well. I cannot imagine how boost changing would cause the TPS reading to fluctuate. We can only assume the spikes coincide with the pulsing of the solenoid, I believe it runs at around 20Hz.
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