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Thread: MAP-ECU with JDM 2JZGE ECU using usdm Harness

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    Default MAP-ECU with JDM 2JZGE ECU using usdm Harness

    OK so I have a USDM 2JZGE NA-T up and running decently with the MAP-ECU1.
    I'm going to use a JDM GE ecu in place of the USDM ecu, because the JDM ecu's tend to be more tunable (less or no relearning issues).

    That said, what do I need to make this work. Here is what I have been able to figure out so far.

    1. I know I have to move pin 66 (maf/kv) to pin 62 to get the map signal in the right place for the JDM ecu.

    2. I'm currently using the MAP-ECU supplied IAT. The JDM wiring says it’s not needed because the JDM cars come with a stock external IAT.
    Would I have to install a JDM IAT or just send the current MAP-ECU IAT signal to the correct JDM GE ecu location? In other words can the MAP-ECU IAT be used as a replacement for the stock JDM IAT?

    3. Then I need to run a 2JZGE JDM fuel table, correct? Have one for 660cc ish?

    4. While the GE ecu does not have a fuel cut, it won’t work well if the map voltage goes above what is supposed to be at 0psi. For the JDM TT ecu its 4.3 volts i believe (boost cut) which equates to fuel table value of 3522 or less.
    For the JDM GE I believe the max voltage is somewhere around 3.5V. Regardless what would the max fuel table value be for the JDM GE ecu?

    5. Although the JDM GE ecu is map based, I would need to set the MAP-ECU1 to "MAF" for this to work, correct? Choices are either karman vortex or MAF.

    All help appreciated, thx.
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    I will try and answer your questions as per your numbering:
    1. Correct.
    2. The MAP-ECU supplied IAT sensor will work with the OEM ECU, you need to check the JDM OEM ECU wiring diagram so you connect it to the right pins.
    3. I just uploaded a MAP-ECU JDM NA-T table on this thread that might help. I don't think it is for 660cc injectors so you will have to scale it down: http://www.performancemotorresearch....ead.php?t=1446
    4. You are correct that maximum MAP voltage of the NA is approx 3.5V but the larger injectors should mean you stay below that level longer.
    5. MAF is correct as that is voltage mode.
    MAP-ECU Support

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    Thx, well it should be a piece of cake.

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