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Thread: BMW 318i M3 Beater!

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    Default BMW 318i M3 Beater!

    Our good friend Steve Murch in Auckland NZ likes to do different things just because he can! His latest project is a very stealth M3 (and most other street machines) beater. Here is the rundown:

    Main injectors are Lucas 240cc secondary are 2 x 360cc
    Add a big ass turbo (Holset PRO35RS turbo)
    Build an engine to take the boost:
    • 1mm oversize bores using Mitsi EVO pistons 4-7 JE forged H beam 135mm rods
    • ACL race bearings
    • Stock crank
    • Block decked 1mm
    • Stock head gasket yes stock
    • Comp 8.5:1
    • Cap screw head bolts torque to 70 ft/lb
    • Stock cams
    • Stock head
    • Custom intake manifold 8″ runners 4.5ltr plenum
    • Stock oil pump, heavily modded oil system
    • M50b20 throttle body
    • 2.5″ cooler piping
    • 400x120x100 cooler
    • 38mm tial waste gate
    • 2.5″ exhaust 1 x muffler 2 x resonators
    • 13psi killed the 535 clutch, made yet to fit ORC double diaphragm clutch 3800lb
    • 220 Getrag box
    • Stock ECU, MAP-ECU3 piggy back
    • Single coil conversion why? Cause I can!
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