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Thread: map for 05 matrix xr

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    yes map ecu 1 and no those diagrams won't work there where major changes in 05 like drive by wire and many emmisions updates. i just need a basic what wire goes to what signal not a full on ecu pin out.

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    I assume you have the OEM ECU diagram? We have the 2005 Corolla Matrix (EWD581U) diagram. I also assume you have a 2WD? To be honest, for a late model like this the MAP-ECU1 is not the best choice as you could have problems with fuel trims when you come on boost in closed loop. It uses the Toyota wideband O2 sensor in front of the cat which the AFR Calibrator is designed to drive.

    Anyway, the wiring for a MAP-ECU1 should be as follows:

    +12V Red - D1 (B) B+
    GND Blk - A28 (BR) E2
    TPS Brn - D22 (G) VPA
    RPM Wht - A24 (L-Y) IGF1
    MAF Out Grn - A30 (G) VG

    IAT - A20 (Y-B) THA
    IAT - A29 (L-W) EVG

    Regarding the fuel table, based on the data you provided I think one of the 2JZ-GTE base tables will be a pretty close match. There are quite a few to choose from on the website which might get you close depending on the size injectors you are using. The MAF Out RPM=0 value is pretty close too at .55V.

    Hope that helps.
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