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Thread: Install of a second hand unit...

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    Default Install of a second hand unit...

    Hi All

    I bought a second hand MAP-ECU from a guy who had the same car as me (Mitsubishi FTO gpx).

    Does anyone know if I can - for now - just "plug and play" into my car, and use the last installed map? As mine's the same car?

    Both cars (his and mine) are lightly modified in the same way, i.e. exhaust and air filter, though different brands etc. of course.

    Will it fire up with the last used map do you know, or do I need to start from scratch?

    In time of course I'll create my own map either on a dyno (or use auto learn mode?), but in the short term would this work??
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    There is no reason why it will not work provided the cars are the same and with the same mods. There might be small differences due to the state of you fuel injectors, fuel filter, fuel pump, etc., but it should run. Can you check out his wiring before he removes it?
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    OK cool, thanks

    Unfortunately it's already out. However other than the small differences you mention the cars were the same, so I'll see how we get on.

    I've picked up the wiring diagram off the other thread. I guess I wire it up like that, i.e. "learn mode", and see how I get on?

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    You need an extra wire to actually run off the MAP-ECU, and don't forgot a good vacuum source for the MAP sensor. Just after the throttle body is a good choice is these isn't a vacuum line to use. Try not to share vacuum lines either. The grey wire is optional as it just allows you to monitor the VAF signal if the air flow meter is installed.

    Also, do you have the IAT sensor included with the kit? That has to be wired to the air flow meter wires that were connected to the internal IAT sensor.
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    That's helpful, thanks.

    No I don't have the IAT, unfortunately. I've asked him for it, but if it's not forthcoming do you know the specifications of a generic one I can use? Or how to get hold of one? The only place I can find that sells them specifically for map-ecus is in the USA.

    I read somewhere about using a resistor across 2 of the pins instead of the IAT sensor - presumably you don't recommend that??
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    We sell the IAT sensor (MAP-ECUx-IAT) and harness (MAP-ECUx-IAT-2M) from our website. You can install a 2200 ohm 1/2W 5% resistor but then you disable OEM ECU IAT compensation.
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    Great many thanks... Cheaper from you and postage to the UK is cheaper from NZ than from the US too! I'll see if my missing one turns up otherwise will order it.

    One final stupid question: it mentions the MAF in the blurb for the harness. My FTO GPX doesn't have a MAF, it's only the non mivec models that use one as the mivec ones have a MAP sensor instead. The IAT is I think further up by the throttle body - presumably it's the same IAT / harness regardless??

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    MAP sensor, hmmm. In that case the wiring diagram might not be correct. A MAP sensor is driven from the MAPECU green wire and you probably don't need an IAT because you do not loose the IAT as you have not removed a MAF sensor.
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    Ah right - I guess that would explain it's absence (and let off the hook the guy I bought it off!)

    I'm a little in the dark as to how to wire it now however

    If I'm reading this right, the existing IAT at the throttle body stays put. In the wiring diagram as above use the green wire instead of the blue. Does it go to the same pin? Otherwise is the diagram correct?

    Thanks again for your help!
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    Me too! I thought all the FTO's had a KVF style air flow meter. What is the model year of the car? Also, what is the engine model code? I think it would be useful if we could get all the information from the chassis plate and details of the OEM ECU.
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