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Thread: US 2jzGTE Car will not start!please help asap!

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    I decided to use my desktop instead of the laptop. I think my PC Mia card is bad and my desktop has a serial port so I don't need to worry about a bad PC Mia card . So now that its working what's the next step

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    Next I need to know EXACTLY what the wiring looks like on the plug and play harness relative to the wiring diagram on the website and what you have done under the bonnet in terms of wiring.
    MAP-ECU Support

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    Ok No problem let me know if you need more detailed pictures. This time difference makes it hard to trouble shoot with you lol

    As far as wiring in the engine bay it goes as follows:
    Stock 2jzgte speed Engine harness OBD1
    Stock Body harness for a 2jzgte 6 speed
    Stock 2jz gte 6 speed ECU

    When I finished the engine swap I did have an issue with the key not starting the car,so I have my girlfriends dad bypass the clutch neutral safety switch
    So my car WILL start in any gear without pressing the clutch in.
    I do not have a sensor on the clutch petal so my car thinks the clutch is always pressed in..

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    Looks like the MAF was wired before( I bought the Engine harness used)I just put some heat shink on those wires to cover them up

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    Thanks. With all the coloured wires I am having trouble figuring out how the MAF signal is wired. What I need to know is how the Green and Orange wires from the MAPECU2 16-Way is wired into the PnP harness? Better still, grab a copy of the 2JZGTE USDM MAPECU2/3 wiring diagram from the website and let me know how your wiring compares. I am mainly checking if the MAF signal wire in the PnP harness is cut or not. Generally these PnP harnesses are constructed so the MAF is disconnected.
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    This is the green wire which is connected to (b66) to my ecu which just so happens to be the Mass airflow meter,its NOT cut and the diagram says it should be

    As far as the orange wire you requested,there are 2.. The one coming off of the 18 way connecter it is not wired up into anything.

    This is the only orange wire that is wired into tho loom it goes to (B43) which is VTA1 Throttle position sensor It's a BROWN wire on the 18 way connector

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    Thanks for the clarification pictures. I assume you mean VTA1 is connected to the brown wire of the 16-Way connector, not the 18-way?

    Since you have the MAF still in place, you need to cut the B66 wire so the MAPECU2 green wire from the 16-way connector is connected to the OEM ECU. B66 from the vehicle harness is not used as that is the MAF output from your OEM MAF sensor.

    Once you have cut B66 and you have loaded the 2JZGTE 550cc base table you should be in a position to start your engine on the MAPECU2. Make sure you connect the vacuum host to the MAPECU2 MAP sensor otherwise it will be way too rich.

    If it does not run reasonably well at idle I need to see a screen shot from the MAPCAL2 Dashboard.
    MAP-ECU Support

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    That would be pretty awesome if this works,so just so we are clear... I cut this part correct?

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