I've just recently ordered a MAP-ECU3 from Powerhouse Racing and it'll arrive later this week. Sure enough, after initially declining the WiFi Module, I was curious, so I downloaded iMAP-CAL for both my 5th gen iPod Touch as well as my full-size iPad Air. Being a software engineer who does some mobile C++ work (lower level than Objective C / Java UI code), along with formerly developing military simulator HUDs that have nearly identical features, I became curious about the customization of this application.

Is iMAP-CAL currently being updated? There seem to be a few fixes/tweaks that could be made..

- Screen rotation on the iPad Air doesn't always work correctly. When moving from vertical to horizontal, the gauges spun 90 degrees correctly, but the dashboard layout was still in vertical mode, meaning the right 1/3 of my horizontal screen only displayed the carbon texture background while the bottom 1/3 of gauges were not visible - being "displayed" off-screen at the bottom left of my visible area. This doesn't always happen. I haven't been able to reproduce this problem on the iPod Touch. When this happens, the menu isn't able to be scrolled down to the "Reset Gauges" option, so I'm stuck trying to reproduce the issue and move the gauges around again.

- Moving gauges around the display area works fine for RPM, boost, throttle, and AFR, but the other digital gauges are nearly impossible to get to stay where I want them. They "jump" up and to the right of where I want them to be. Possibly an issue with screen rotation and the finger position of the gauge when the finger is released versus the relative position of the gauge (top left, top right, or center of the gauge image)? This occurs on both iPad Air and iPod Touch.

- Sometimes when loading the app, the needles on the boost and rpm gauges never appear, even after starting the demo.

- Sometimes the gauges have been reset, requiring me to re-size and rearrange my layout.. would be very nice to save versions of layouts I've done.

- Is there a way to re-size the throttle display? How about being able to change it to a straight bar instead of the curved one? How about analog and digital displays for it?

- Having a "snap to grid" feature, as well as defining exact measurements for gauge sizes and positions would be hugely helpful.

- Letting users define the color of areas of the gauges would be a nice touch. I'm thinking of gauges like the Greddy Multi D/A & AEM Wideband Failsafe (both that I own) and Autometer Elite that allow for the user to select among various backlight colors.

- Being able to display all gauges as analog needles would be nice. Or all digital.. I can think of a bunch of ways to display this data to the users to match their tastes..

- Having an import feature, even if requiring copying some files from a desktop to the iPad/iPod/iPhone, would be HUGE for customization.

..in reality, the live logger display and ability to save and export that as a .csv is what sold me on now ordering the WiFi Module, which I'll be doing tomorrow. However, being able to fully customize the gauge display would be an excellent and welcome addition. (And I'd *love* to be able to see the option for more auxiliary inputs in future versions of MAP-ECU, even if only for sending that data through to iMAP-CAL.)

I understand that spending development time on a "free" software application is probably not as high on the priority list as working on the main functionality of MAP-ECU, but I'd like to talk privately about ways I may be able to help..