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Thread: New to this, could use some help. 2jz-ge with a JDM Aristo TT ecu + Map ecu1.

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    something is wrong. i need to get the RPM signal to be right. if everything else was good i believe it should run fine with the 93-97 jdm 2jzgte base map un-modified.

    i just double checked the instructions and it looks like the map ecu is wired in properly. the black wire (top left, two spaces from the green wire) is hooked up to the E9-pin 68 IGF ecu wire. i chased the wire and it goes all the way to the ignitor. with the key ON, and the ignitor UN Plugged i tested the pin for the IGF wire and it had 5V. i dont know what it means.... but thats what i found!

    i was told that the ECU actually fires the RPM signal. does that mean that the IGF wire should be going straight from the Aristo ecu to the MAP-ECU? and not even go to the ignitor? i could de-pin the IGF wire from the ignitor plug... i dont know if i am going in the right direction though.

    i am using an ecu pin out from a "J-SPEC" 93-97 MK-IV TT. and i am using the map ecu install instructions for a JDM 2JZGTE. so, it should be right.

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    I know this is old. Subscribing so I can come back to it.


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    Gosh, it looks like we missed this one. The RPM input on the MAPECU is the white wire and i should be connected to the IGF signal. IGF is the OEM igniter feedback signal that provides a pulse every time a plug fires.
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