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Thread: Power Enteprise S/C with P-MAP piggyback

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    Default Power Enteprise S/C with P-MAP piggyback

    I'm researching a supercharger kit from a company in Japan, Power Enterprise.

    The kit is provided with a piggyback EMS branded "P-MAP," which looks remarkably similar to the MAP-ECU2.

    All the documentation provided is in Japanese language (see link below). Looking through the docs, I see that the form of the device is identical to the MAP-ECU2 (other than the badge), and the software version number is P-MAP v3.1.4, which leads me to believe it is the same as MAP-CAL2 v3.1.4, but localized in Japanese.

    Am I correct in guessing that P-MAP is the same as MAP-ECU2? And, would I be able to download MAP-CAL2 English language version here, and use it with the P-MAP piggyback that comes with the kit?

    Here is a link to the P-MAP documentation page:

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    We cannot confirm or deny your conclusions due to some agreements, although P-MAP looks like an excellent product!
    MAP-ECU Support

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    From what I've seen here, I think your company does a terrific job of supporting your products. I would think that any other company licensing them for re-branding/distribution would want their customers to know that you stand behind them. If somebody could, PM me please. Thanks.

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    Thanks, but I am sure you understand we cannot answer in writing.

    PM inbox is has been emptied....
    MAP-ECU Support

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