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Thread: iPad Mini

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    OK, now I got AFR reading in iPAD and MAP-CAL, so that's fine,
    but I still have problems with WIFI connection, it is of and on.
    If I restart the program in iPAD it reconnects again some times.

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    Sorry about the delayed response. Good to hear you have AFR now!

    Regarding the WiFi connection, is it possible to observe the 4 LED's on the MAPECU3 between the 3-way and 18-way connectors to see if anything changes when you get a disconnect and also the LED's on the WiFi module in the MAPECU3? I know it could be difficult with the MAPECU3 mounted in the car but it is hard to diagnose without some kind of error codes.
    MAP-ECU Support

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    Sorry about the delayed response, it's been working off and on, late mostly on, but today it did not want to be connected and I checked the LED indicators, the 4 one's only the first did shine but on the other side with the 2 one's the connection status indicator did flash, the rest of them was without light.

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    Thanks but that doesn't really provide a reason for the problem. What is the serial number of your MAPECU3? The reason I ask is that the early ones had surface mounted pins that plug into the wifi module and the solder can fracture if the module moves. That could lead to a intermittent connection.
    MAP-ECU Support

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    Hi again, the SN: 30810.

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    That is a late model with through hole headers for the WiFi module so I don't think that is the problem. If possible, remove the side plate with the antenna (unscrew the nut holding the antenna connector and the 4 screws) and check the WiFi module is settled properly. There should be a block of rigid foam on top of the module pressing it on to the PCB header pins.
    MAP-ECU Support

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    Yes I opened the box and there was a gap inbetween the module and the board, the foam wasn't thick enough to press it down, I inserted one 1mm plastic distance for pressure.
    testrun worked fine

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    Great, perhaps the foam collapsed over time. Keep us posted.....
    MAP-ECU Support

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