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Thread: iPad Mini

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    In the diagram you uploaded to the forum it appears you have the LC2 wideband analog output connected to the MAPECU3 16-way yellow wire, is that correct? How have you configured the "O2 Input" on the I/O tab of ECU Configuration?
    MAP-ECU Support

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    Yes it's connected as shown and my O2 input are put as WB.
    In the MAP-CAL3 logging AFR it's reading alright.

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    Hi MAP-ECU any ideas why AFR is not showing correctly on iPAD?

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    Are you able to upload a screen shot from the iPad? You can take a screen shot by clicking both the power and home buttons at the same time.
    MAP-ECU Support

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    Her's Two pics from iPAD.

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    Hmm, that is interesting. So it displays on MAPCAL dashboard OK? Can I ask you to please change the O2 Input setting to "O2" instead of "WB"?
    MAP-ECU Support

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    ok, it's now showing AFR on iPAD then O2 is selected, but I lost the reading on MAP-CAL3 dashboard?
    in the MAP-CAL3 loggboard it's showing AFR and that seems to be about the same as iPAD reading.

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    Here is also a pics.

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    And here is an other from config.

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    Ok, thanks for testing that, it looks like a bug. MAPCAL is configured to remove the wideband display if you don't have an input configured for WB as lots of people were getting confused as to why the AFR's weren't being displayed, even though they didn't have a wideband connected.... Anyway, we will have to look at a fix for either MAPCAL or the App. Sorry about that. In the meantime, you could connect 2 MAPECU3 inputs (assuming you have 2 available) to your wideband output and configure one to "O2" so the App works and configure the other to "WB" so MAPCAL works. That should work until we come up with a fix.
    MAP-ECU Support

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