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Thread: just finished wiring it up

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    I turn it on for the first time and set TPS and that and start it and it ides up and down and air fuel ratio kept going up and down so I go to the fuel table and I noticed there is a map already ...I thought everything would be zero ....please any help would be great

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    Sorry, can you please provide some background on the vehicle, the wiring diagram and the base table? A screenshot from the MAPCAL Dashboard would help a lot too. Thanks.
    MAP-ECU Support

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    Its a 04 4.7 4runner and you guys provide me with wiring diagram. After installation, my vehicle was rough idle. The program initiated its own fuel map, I thought it was supposed to be all 0's. Air to fuel gauge going crazy. And check engine light code told me p101 and p102.

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    Do I need to remove the o2 sensors

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    Never mind, thank you. I have figured it out.

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    It sounds like the OEM ECU is not seeing a valid MAF signal from the MAPECU3 (16-way Green wire). When configured in MAF Intercept mode with a zero'ed fuel table, the voltage on the Orange MAF input wire (16-way) is output on the MAF Output (Green wire 16-way. You should be able to monitor these voltages using the log or looking at the fields on the Dashboard.
    MAP-ECU Support

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