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    Hi I have a mapecu1 SN 10387, and I am having connection issues I have tried several laptops including dragging the desktop into the garage (which has a real com port).

    It tries to connect it will start loading from the mapecu and in the status window its counting down the lines its reading then it gets to line 1 and then I get the error message "error in system variables reload" tried changing various settings and no joy. can you tell what settings should I have my com port set baud rates parity etc...

    Thank you

    Oh and I am using mapcal 2.2.3.
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    It sounds like it has corrupted data in the ecu configuration variables. If you don't need to the keep the data in the ECU then just open a base table and write it to the MAPECU. Oh, and I recommend you use MAPCAL V2.3 as it has a newer user interface.
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    nice one downloaded a base table it wrote first time and now the ecu connects seems to be playing nice now.

    the mapecu is for my mx5 NA 1989 I have wired it up as per the wiring diagrams you gave me before. can you help me with seting up the ecu the car has a afm and just the on/off tps and NB lamba.

    just reread my post about mx5 setup so am I right in saying disconnect the nb lamba (as this will keep the car in open loop and stop the oem ecu from trying to learn) so I take it I can throw the NB away and pop a WB in its place so I can monitor the afr with ecucal?
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    Yes, that would be our recommendation for a 1989 vehicle as the NB sensor will be past it's use by date anyway. Don't connect anything to the OEM ECU NB input.

    I would start with the MX5 base table we supply even though it is from a turbo, you can still tune the vacuum zones for a NA engine.

    TPS is setup as per the MAPECU PDF manual and it is not that important as it just provides TPS enrichment.
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    One last question if you dont mind answering. I am going to install a 4 wire WB lambda in the bung where the NB was (not wired to the cars ecu) so I can monitor the AFR with mapcal. I see 1 of the mapecu outputs can be used for the heater on the o2, and will switch off the heater once it sees the threshold voltage, so what current can the output switch? or do I need to switch the heater via a relay?.
    and finally I saved the mx5turbo base file right click save link as etc... into the mapcal folder but when I try to open that base map in mapcal I just get the error message "file is not a data file"

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    To be honest, the O2 heater thing was a test to see if you could turn just a sensor into a WB but it doesn't actually work that well. You really need a proper WB like Innovate for tuning. BTW, the switched outputs are rated at 5A.

    Regarding the base table. Some computers think the base tables are a text file and remove some of the formatting. Open the file using Notepad.exe or Wordpad.exe and make sure there are several lines instead of one big long line. You might have to save the file as a different format to stop the computer messing it up.
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