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    When I tried to sample the TPS in the configuration area, it changed the current setting to 0. It did not actually sample anything. Am I doing something wrong?

    How i did it:

    I clicked on the box next to TPS Idle and then pressed the"s" key. Then did the same for TPS max.

    -TPS Idle: (With my foot off of the Gas pedal , hit "s" key to sample)

    -TPS Max: (With the gas pedal floored , I hit the "s" key to sample)

    Both areas it just ended up being 0.

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    That is the correct process. So you have the ignition "ON" but the engine not running I assume? The sample key is different on a MAPECU2/3 so I assume you have a MAPECU1?
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    Yes, key "on" with engine off.

    I'll try again this weekend and report back. Maybe I just screwed up some how.

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    Just triple checking that this is a MAPECU1, correct?
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    Correct. MAP-ECU 1

    I samples just fine now. But I sampled 3 times in a row on idle TPS and full throttle. And each time I got a different number.

    20-40 point different for idle. And only 3-5 different for max. Example. 1st idles TPS same was 528, next was 536, and the third value was 542.

    Could this be my TPS malfunctioning or is this common?

    I also can not get the car to idle what so ever. I'm unsure if this is the base map being way off, or a TPS problem. As any change I made to the map didn't seem to do much towards getting the car to idle.

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    Ok... so I have a decent idle now. But I'm still curious about the TPS reading differences.

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    Good to hear. It is quite common and is caused by slight variations in the TPS voltage but not enough to be material. For example, 1 point of difference is 0.001221V, i.e. not very much.
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