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Thread: cant not get truck to stop running 9.5 afr

  1. Default cant not get truck to stop running 9.5 afr

    I got the fuel table in negative numbers still won't go up

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    That is in boost by the way

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    Sorry, can you please provide some background? This is a MAPECU1? What kind of truck, modifications, etc? We need the full background to assist.
    MAP-ECU Support

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    04 4.7 4runner I have the map ecu 3 ...hooked up turbo and set all my fuel in boost pretty high thinking the truck would be lean now I am in negative number and its still 9.5 ... Maff intercept map mode

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    Has it ever worked or is this a brand new installation?

    It is possible to go too negative and output 0V which the OEM ECU will assume means the MAF is faulty and ignore it. It will then run rich as it will be in limp mode. What are the MAF Input and Fuel Output readings on the MAPCAL Dashboard and what have you entered in the fuel table? I would start with perhaps -0.50V under boost and perhaps -0.25V in the vacuum zones. Not much more depending AFR's.
    MAP-ECU Support

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