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Thread: LD Performance Wideband O2 Controller

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    Default LD Performance Wideband O2 Controller


    I have purchased myself the following LD Performance Wideband O2 Controller, and would like to get my MAP-ECU2 showing the correct AFR.

    It reads from 7.4 AFR to 25.5, and uses the following voltage conversion:

    AFR = V*15.04/5+7.35

    Can I use an existing o2 lookup table, or if not, could you please provide a suitable o2 lookup table?

    Many thanks!

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    We will have to build one so it will take a couple of days. It looks like a modified version of the LC1 will do the trick.
    MAP-ECU Support

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    Thanks, much appreciated!

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    It actually has the same output characteristics as the Innovate Motorsport LC-1. Here is the lookup file.
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    MAP-ECU Support

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    Thank you for checking this out!

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