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Thread: JDM 2jzgte Running stupid rich

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    Sorry, I meant the MAP voltage on the OEM ECU pin from the MAF output signal of the MAPECU2. This is to check the MAPECU2 output which is mimicking the OEM MAP sensor is actually getting to the OEM ECU.

    The main thing that will make it run rich is the MAP sensor signal, but it could also be IAT, CLT or to a lesser degree TPS. This is all on the proviso that the injector impedance is matched to the OEM ECU, etc.
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    Ill check up on the pin going to the ecu, I have the MAPECU2 wired into a jumper harness, maybe the connection is faulty between the harnesses and ecu. Would the TPS sensor be off if it is reading correctly on the MAPCAL software? The IAT sensor is a possibility since the MAPCAL is reading only 32 degrees, but I am not getting a code for it. I will find a resistor, since I bought the unit second hand and if there is a way to delete the IAT sensor? I know it is a 2200ohm resistor correct?

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    Anything is possible if you are using a used harness setup so I think you need to check every connection.

    The MAPCAL IAT temp is from the MAPECU2 IAT sensor, not the OEM one.

    Yes, the IAT replacement resistor is 2200 ohm, 1/4W or 1/2W, 5%.
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