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Thread: new CLT menu in mapcal V35.0 : how entering negative values

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    Default new CLT menu in mapcal V35.0 : how entering negative values

    Hi, i have a few questions :

    1- I live in France and use a AZERTY keyboard. In CLT compensation table, i can increase value for cold start enrichment from 0.01, 0.02 ... to 0.09 with num keys. Not over.
    And i can't decrease from 0.00 to -0.01 ... -1.00. + and - keys don't work.

    >> Is there a good keyboard key combination for windows7 and AZERTY keyboards ?

    >> I tried this morning to change my keyboard in "qwerty" mode and it works !
    + and - keys are available (at the right of '0' key) So, is it possible to improve mapcal V350 for poor french guys ?
    i tried -0.10 on primary and 0.00 on secundary 550cc basemap cartography, and i saw the difference (from 10.0 for 0.00 to 10.2 or 10.3 AFR for -0.10% per degree CLT compensation)

    2- New twin turbos (hybrid CT20 from Glenn Munro in Australia, stage 4) will be installed. My mapecu3 works well with 550cc basemap i downloaded on your website (AFR is a little rich but it works, rich especially at cold start). And I will bring my US supra TT to a tuner to refine basemap.
    Before, I plan to install 800cc DENSO low impedance injectors, plug and play in stock rail. The basemap already exists for 720cc and 850cc. So, with an algorithm i wrote, i modified the fueltab file section to calculate an average to obtain a 800cc basemap.
    If my engine wants to start, what begining CLT compensation values do you advise me to enable cold start with 800cc injectors ? (I read -0.10 in each case below 100c could be a good value to try larger injectors).

    3- is it better to put 0.00 at 90c ? The normal temperature for supra.

    4- A last little question : I read i have to disconnect n1 O2 sensor to avoid closed loop problems under 2000rpm. I did it. All is fine. But, is it necessary to disconnect the n2 stock O2 sensor too (the one under driver seat) ??

    Thanks you for answer !
    Marc, France
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    Hi Marc,

    Apologies for the delayed response.

    We will have to investigate the keyboard issue. Apologies for that, we have only tested with the QUERTY keyboard.

    I agree -0.10 would be a goos start for your larger injectors. Remember it is -0.10% per degree, so it ends up being quite a difference at low temperatures. I agree 0.00 at 90 is correct as then it is all controlled by your tuned fuel table.

    Regarding the O2 sensor, yes, you should disconnect both O2 sensors.
    MAP-ECU Support

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    I found solution for french users in AZERTY keyboard mode :
    press Alt+Maj and keyboard will switch in QWERTY mode. So + an - keys will work !
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