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Thread: base tables from internet

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    o2 is unplugged, haven't cleared ecu in a few runs . should I do that a lot or evry new map?
    I'm getting exhaust on tomorrow so maybe that will help. I wasn't sure how much it effected afr.

    got it to idle at 14.8 cold start today but once it warmed up dropped to 10.5 and I did fallow me and cant get it to raise?
    took number from 1070 to 800 with no change? am I doing something wrong here?

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    The exhaust could cause a problem with flow, not sure without seeing your setup. Are all the OEM O2 sensors unplugged, there would be at least 2?

    Not sure why you cannot adjust the fuel, it is usually either the OEM ECU is not seeing the MAPECU3 signal from the green wire or it is in closed loop still. I assume you have cut the OEM MAP sensor signal so the MAPECU3 green wire is not clashing with the OEM MAP sensor? The other thing to remember is that the MAPECU3 uses at least 4 numbers in the fuel table at any one time to calculate the fuel output. It interpolates the 4 values depending on vacuum/boost and RPM so there is not one value to change, you might need to adjust a group. Look at the fuel output to see how much that changes when you change the zones.
    MAP-ECU Support

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    ok I have my exhaust back on and wow made a difference. soo quiet from old motor to now haha. I got afr to adjust pretty easily on cold start and then they went rich at warm at same vacuum so got them good at that. should I just let them be high on cold starts and not adjust until warm? my wiring should be spot on I had tweaked performance do harness. there was a igniter error at first and sent back and that all good now.. the first harness there was no o2 sensors wired in to harness and I had them add one 4 wire in case I needed it. Isnt there only one o2 sensor on jdm gte ecu?

    I got afr good at idle on a tune from forum and then tried some throttle and it seemed to go way lean and sputter. so I went back to jdm mb table. unplugged ecu fuse for a few mins. started up and was way rich so tried to do same thing and couldn't get afr to move again? I think I should start with a fresh table? I have already scaled down 20% or so for 550s. maybe didn't leave fuse out long enough for new table? I want to go drive it and have ecu learn some but I'm scared its gonna hurt motor if something isn't rite?

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    the 4 values at a time thing could help to. I was doing a few but not 4 at a time.. when in follow me modi have to e u cant highlite more than one rite? so highlight the zones around the spot its at and adjust all at same time?
    and if I give it throttle and want to change afr do follow me and add or sub. while holding throttle in any given spot?
    I'm new so trying to get it to where I can drive it a little at least..

    I have wideband o2 on first port on top of downpipe . there are 2 more ports lower one has oem o2 in but unplugged. should wideband be lower than the top?

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    You cannot select and change 4 zones in follow me, follow me just shows the area being accessed. You can toggle follow-me using the space bar to make it a little easier. You can select the 4 zones in the 2D table and change all 4 at one using + or -. I assume you have read the MAPCAL3 PDF manual about changing zones, etc?

    The O2 sensor should be as close to the converged exhaust gases as possible, i.e. sensing all 6 cylinders exhaust.
    MAP-ECU Support

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    Yes I have read PDF page to page map canal and map ECU nice see you say that two people when they're not getting something and I understand you're up to and we have to read them but the manual doesn't explain everything very clearly sometimes. I read them and some of it is like another language. Maybe to someone who has done more tuning or someone like you with lots of experience reads those manuals and everything makes perfect sense but for majority of us beginners I think they're worded a little too tricky for most.

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    So when is it safe or unsafe to drive the car at the beginning of this process so the ECU can learn what it needs and then we can make changes after that. I feel when I see the AFR too high or too low I shouldn't drive it. As long as I'm not in boost real hard is it safe to cruise around a little bit to let it learn?

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    It's tough when you are new to tuning as it's almost impossible for us to write a manual that is more than a description of the software and hardware. A manual on tuning could run to thousands of pages, it's almost art rather than science. I can understand it is difficult for someone new to tuning so perhaps you need to find someone to help? Perhaps you are just getting the engine running well enough to get it to a tuner?

    It is very unlikely to cause any damage if you are a little lean when in idle and light cruise. Boost is the dangerous area where lean will cause damage.
    MAP-ECU Support

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