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Thread: Coolant Temp and Air Temp Do not Zero

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    Default Coolant Temp and Air Temp Do not Zero


    The coolant temp and air temp will not zero out. The temps are showing 330 coolant and 315 for air temp at beginning idle. Obviously, the coolant temp can't be at 330. Any recommendations?


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    Have you wired an analog input to the OEM CLT sensor and configured the input to CLT?

    Have you plugged the IAT sensor supplied with the kits into the 2-way connector off the 16-way harness?
    MAP-ECU Support

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    I have clt wired in and it displays the coolant temp. But it only ever says its 150 at hottest? Is this rite? I have oem tt jdm ecu using iat.
    2JZ GE-GTE MA-70

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    Sorry about the delay responding. CLT maximum is configured for 154C and 309F should be enough otherwise your engine will be more than a little unhappy.
    MAP-ECU Support

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