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Thread: map ecu not connecting with the laptop.

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    Default map ecu not connecting with the laptop.

    im trying to use an newer computer for my map ecu 1. but shows the device error and not reading. my old computer was damaged by my daughter. i dont have the cd rom. but downloaded the current software 2.3.1. i have tried to check all of the computer com ports and does the same thing. any help would be great. if doesnt work most likey im going to get the map ecu3 but dont want to spend any money at this time. current system is in an mkiv supra 94.

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    How are you connecting the MAPECU to your computer? Are you using a USB to serial adapter or does your computer have a serial port? If you are using a USB to serial converter, it is usually the USB driver. If you are using a computer with a real COM port, what are the LED's on the MAPECU showing? Does the car drive OK on the MAPECU? i.e. is it working OK?
    MAP-ECU Support

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