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Thread: 2uzfe Tundra 2003

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    Default 2uzfe Tundra 2003

    Hey guys. I see that the 2003 tundra 4.7 with 2uzfe is supported. I actually have a friend/associate whom used one on his 06 2uz supercharged.

    My 03 did not come with vvti where his 06 did.

    That said, I’m interested in dialing on the tune on my truck. For reference here’s the mods I’ve done:

    Remote mount turbo 6-7 lbs boost
    440 cc injectors (stock is 250cc)
    255 LPH fuel pump
    JBA long tube headers
    05-06 tundra variable runner length intake manifold
    Nitrous solenoid (fuel side) with 150hp fuel pill. Opens at 6lbs boost
    E85 (actually e65, 20% of hydrocarbons are 100 octane pump race gas)

    I’m able to monitor:
    Fuel trims
    Pulse width
    And other things

    Everything is good on the stock tune for the most part. But sometimes the truck gets weird. It’ll be randomly go lean under load. It especially seems to do this if I activate the 150 shot of fuel too soon. It later pulls fuel.

    My biggest question, is the map ecu3 like a unichip? Because a unichip makes tundras shift weird. It’s like the new calibration of the mass air meter throws off shift timing or something? If it’s not like unichip, what makes it different?

    If mapecu3 end user friendly? I’m by no means a tech geek. But I am a fast learner and I tend to invent cool stuff for tundras. I own All of the above was built by me. I’ve literally doubled HP on the truck all with mechanical tuning thru trial and error I just feel it’s tkne to bring it all together with a tune.
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    Hi, and welcome. I'll try and answer all your questions, apologies if I miss something.

    Thank you for all the information about your modifications, that helps. Firstly we do rely on Gadget from URD a lot for running the MAPECU in the Toyota trucks. We are not really familiar with the Unichip, but if it modifies fueling using the MAF signal, then perhaps it is similar. I don't think they have all our other features or the AFR Calibrator. I believe Gadget is familiar with Unichip. I believe URD add additional fuel using auxiliary injectors rather than increasing the size of the stock injectors. In saying that, we haven't experienced a problem with larger injectors as long as they are no larger than double stock.

    Regarding going lean, you would have to add lots of fuel with the NOS shot, so I assume you have tuned it that way? We would have one set of tuned tables configured for NOS and the other for no NOS.

    You can download MAPCAL from our website and have a lot at the tuning interface. There are some basic videos on YouTube under the MrMAPECU channel. Also start with the MAPECU3 and MAPCAL3 PDF manuals.

    A good place to start is to see how the OEM ECU is behaving and if they STFT and LTFTs are zero or something else due to tuning issues. This might contribute to the shifting issues.

    Hope that helps to start with.
    MAP-ECU Support

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