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Thread: Speed cut and fuel cut for jzs161

  1. Default Speed cut and fuel cut for jzs161

    Can the speed cut and fuel cut from mapecu be used on my JZS161 Toyota aristo?

    If it can which wires do I pin on too?

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    Apologies for the delayed response, we have been on reduced staff due to our summer holidays. Generally we have seen issues with speed cut with any auto vehicle as they don't use just the speed sensor for speed. I believe fuel cut is not a problem. Is this the diagram you are using?
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  3. Default VVTi JZS161 Aristo Engine Wiring

    Yes and that's the wiring for the oem ecu

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    Cool, thanks for confirming. You will need to run the PIM (B2-9) through one of the MAPECU3 FCD functions. The PDF manual has FCD wiring options in the back but essentially you choose a free analog input, e.g. Analog Input #1, and assign it to "FCD1", choose a free analog output, e.g. Analog Output #1, and also assign that to "FCD1". Cut the PIM wire, connect the vehicle harness side to your configured analog input and the OEM ECU side of the wire to your configured analog output. Set the "FCD1" clamp to 4.3V. The release pressure if used if you want to set an over boost FCD release pressure, e.g. if your fuel system maxes out at 20psi, then you can set to FCD release pressure to 20psi. This will reinstate the factory FCD at >20psi.

    Hope that helps.
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