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Thread: 3 pin connector on MAPECU3

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    Default 3 pin connector on MAPECU3

    I want to hook up a external MAP sensor to my MAPECU3. I broke off the little hose connector on the internal map sensor (ooopppsss).
    Where can I get a connector to fit the the 3 pin port? Ordered a 3 pin molex . it did not fit. What type and model is it?

    Thank you for whom ever provides information.

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    That’s unfortunate . The molex part number for the 3-pin connector is in the MAPECU3 PDF manual. You can also purchase the cable with connected fitted from our website.
    MAP-ECU Support

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    Ok thank you. I will look in pdf manual. I also ordered the cable with the connector fitted from your website.

    I did not find any molex part number in manuals.
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