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    I have an aem wideband 30-4900 and Iím having trouble getting a good reading on mapcal3. It keeps flickering up and down. Right now using the 30-4100 and Iím wondering if thatís why. I downloaded the 30-4900 but I donít know how to open it using the mapcal3 software.

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    Sorry about the delay responding, we had a problem with our forum hosting partner.

    There will be natural changes in the AFR as it doesn't usually hold steady so it depends on how much the readings change. The MAPECU3 takes the voltage from the WB and just converts it to AFR so check what the WB/O2 voltage on the dashboard is reading. We have seen grounding wire issues cause fluctuations if the same ground is used for the WB sensor heater. It pays to keep the signal grounds and heater grounds separate as much as possible. The WB signal ground should connect to the MAPECU3 black wires and the WB heater ground should so to chassis or another heavy ground circuit wire.
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