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Thread: Auto learn temp sensor wiring?

  1. Default Auto learn temp sensor wiring?

    I have mapecu wired to a jzx100 engine, I have zeroed out the table, and it is writing to the table. My question is does the mapecu need to build the table with the mapecu proprietary temperature sensor or should I wire it in when I remove the MAF? Thanks in advance, have a great day today!

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    Sorry about the delay responding. The IAT sensor is ignored in learn mode. Just checking why you are using learn mode? We don’t actually use it anymore with the number if base tables we now have. Btw, the original red MAPECU does not have a IAT input either.
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    that's what i figured, I wired it to the E2 and IAT pins of the MAF connector. It's up and running MAF delete.

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    Excellent, please let us know your results.
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