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Thread: Temperature sensor wiring?

  1. Default Temperature sensor wiring?

    I have mapecu wired and auto learn writing a feul map on a 1jzgte vvti jzx100 engine. It has a hotwire MAF like a USDM mkiv Supra. I'm confused with the temp sender wiring.
    1) does the mapecu IAT sensor get wired to the engine ECU or does it get wired to the mapecu it's self?
    2) does the mapecu IAT need to be wired while performing the auto learn process?
    Thanks in advance, have a great day today!

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    With the original red MAPECU the IAT sensor is connected to the OEM ECU only to replace the IAT lost when you remove the MAF sensor. The red MAPECU does not have an IAT sensor input. Hope that helps.
    MAP-ECU Support

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