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Thread: Need tune 7mgte 850cc 6262

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    Default Need tune 7mgte 850cc 6262

    I need a tune to start with for a 7mgte Iím running 850cc injectors and a 6262 turbo if anyone has anything close that is willing to share I would be very thankful

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    Sorry, we only have a couple of 550cc fuel tables on the website. You could use those and reduce the whole table by 30% as a starting point.
    MAP-ECU Support

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    Ok well I have been having a whole lot of problems with this device and I finally figured out what my issue is my map sensor cuts as soon as I hit positive pressure like 1-2psi just straight cuts everything then come new back in vaccuum then cuts again in boost I was thinking the map was bad but it reads vacuum fine from the looks of it so what could I have done to make it do this did I hit something that makes it cut?

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    That seems strange, can you please upload the tbl file from your MAPECU3 or send us a screen shot of the ECU Configuration screen?
    MAP-ECU Support

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