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Thread: 2003 Toyota Tacoma 2RZ-Fe Help!

  1. Default 2003 Toyota Tacoma 2RZ-Fe Help!

    I sent an email and i realized the buisness has sold or is for sale so I don't know if emails are a thing to get threw but if you guys got my email sorry for the repost im just in need of help

    I've used the mapecu on my aristo so I'm familiar with it.
    I've turboed my 2003 Toyota tacoma 2.4l 2rz engine

    I can't get the car to fire in maf intercept (I zeroed the whole map out.)
    And eliminate mode too can't get it to start

    Here's the diagram I made I followed the wiring diagram on the pdf I attached the 3rz seems to be wired the same as mine.

    The car is at a friend's house and I would like to get it home but I have the whole thing soldered in.

    I'm also getting when the car is in on mode the mapecu is reading 7psi....
    heres the pdf,I followed the 2003 tacoma 3rz instructions - seems to be the same wiring.
    and here the the diagram I made

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    Hi, I am pretty sure we replied to your email you sent back on the 8th and then the 19th. There are no jumpers to change in a MAPECU3 so it should just be a matter of wiring up and running.

    There was a change of internal MAP sensor in the MAPECU3 mid-production runs which could be the reason the pressure sensor reads 7psi when it should be zero. If you move tbl files between versions of MAPECU3, then the MAP sensor configuration might be messed up. You can fix it by resetting the MAP sensor configuration in MAPCAL.
    MAP-ECU Support

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