Hi, I have a mapecu2 and I'm trying to install it into a 2001 IS300 2JZGE stock. I had it all wired in following the wiring diagram you have on the site but I couldn't get it to start. I have it set to MAF Intercept, MAF y-axis, 6 cylinder wasted spark, all tables set at zero. I had jumper J3 set to high but I also tried normal as well as switching J4 but same thing. Mapcal reads my rpm when i'am cranking it. I also tried reading rpm using the grey input wire and setting kvf input to RPM but that would bog down the engine and show rpms in the 30s. Led 1 is always on and led 4 blinks on at start. Disconnecting the ignition wires and leaving them connected from ecu to igniter but having the mapecu connected with the maf running through, it runs fine. I been searching the forums but couldnt find a solution. This is my first time messing with a ecu stuff. Hopefully its something stupid and i'am just not seeing it. Thanks.