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Thread: 1uzfe 4x4 swap

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    I just received my MAP-ECU3 and plan to mostly use it as a fuel controller. The engine is a 1990 1uzfe from a ls400 in a 1986 4runner with a manual trans. The truck has headers, all smog deleted, and a larger intake. The truck runs great under normal driving conditions, but off-road it tends to overheat when climbing hills because it is running lean for economy per the stock tune(confirmed 15:1-16:1 with aem wideband). If i understand correctly i should be able to wire it in MAF intercept mode and be able to add fuel under lower rpm conditions. My question can i leave the primary map zeroed out so it runs the stock tune, and using the pri/sec overide have it switch to the secomdary tune when offroad to enrich the map, while keeping the stock tune in the primary to keep the economy? And your wiring and base tune for this motor show to use the TPS Y-axis. Is there any reason to not use MAP Y-axis? With it set to the n/a configuration to more accurately tune for off-road high load/light throttle or is the map y-axis not reliable in the intercept setting. Looking forward to getting this installed. Thanks for any help.

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    You are 100% correct, you can zero the primary fuel table for normal running and then tune the secondary fuel table for off roading and richer AFR's. It may also be useful to adjust ignition timing as well. There is no reason you cannot use MAP y-axis. With an NA setup it just means you are only dealing with vacuum rows so setup the pressure scale accordingly.
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    Thanks for the response, its good to see forums are not dead!

    I got the MAP-ECU3 wired up this weekend and it went smoothly. Just waiting on the 3 way plug to wire in the pri/sec switch too. I took the truck for a drive with the tables all zeroed out and logged it to get an idea of the KVF values to get an idea of what to add to the table, but as i look at the log its vacuum readings are off from what it shows on the dashboard. What would cause that? it also says what zone was active but that is off also. For example driving at a light cruise 2100 rpm, 16% throttle,263hz maf input, it gives a vacuum reading of -1.0 inHg and says zone 1115 which is the zone for -10.2 inHg and 1280rpm. What would cause that discrepancy in the log? The -10.2 inHg looks to be the correct vacuum from what i observed on the dashboard, but the log says -1.0 yet the log has the correct rpm of 2100 but says fuel zone of 1115 which is only 1280. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I don't really need the logging portion and was only using to get baseline data. Thanks again and i am looking forward to getting this all dialed in.

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    I'm not sure they there is a discrepancy. I seem to recall a bug that was fixed a long time ago that was similar.
    What version of MAPCAL are you using?
    What pressure scale do you have configured?
    There was a change of pressure sensor sometime ago to so what serial number do you have?
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    I am running the MAPCAL V3.5.1. And the serial number of the ecu is 31066.
    I am fairly certain I have the settings right. Under the ecu configuration I am in the map scale for NA -30inHg to 3psi.
    The logging pressure scale is set as low as it goes to -15 to 0. Which seems odd that it doesn't have the same scale range but I don't know if that effects the accuracy of the reading.
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    Thanks, that is the latest software and a new MAPECU3 with the latest MAP sensor. I believe the logging is in psi rather than inHg so -15psi should cover -30inHg, will have to check. Can you please send a screenshot of your ECU Configuration screen?
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