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Thread: Map Ecu Install on Na-T

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    i have bought a Map Ecu and the PHR wiring harness for the TT. i have a few questions before i hook this up to my car. i have a 93.5 Supra NA and was wondering what was the right way to hook this up. The harness comes with the rpm, power, 2 grounds, o2 sensor, mass airflow meter, and throttle position. now the two questions are: i am hooking up a AEM UEGO wideband so do i have to cut the Map Ecu connection to the stock o2 sensor and wire into the yellow wire coming from the Map Ecu? and the second question is do i have to hook up the blue wire which is the Karmen Vortex Out to the Map Ecu? basically is what i am asking for is an outline of what wires need to be connected to a 93.5 NA to make it work with a wideband hooked up. i really appreciate anybody's help. i don't want to be a pain but i don't want to make a wiring mistake and really screw something up. thanx

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    Apologies for the delay responding, we are in complete lockdown due to COVID-19 which means all non-essential businesses are closed.

    Anyway, are you referring to this wiring diagram on the website?

    This is an older diagram showing the MAPECU O2 input connected to the stock narrow band sensor via the yellow wire. You don't need to connect this as the narrow band sensor is pretty useless. If you want to display AFR's from your AEM UEGO then you would connect the analog output of your UEGO to this yellow wire. There are wiring diagrams for popular wideband meters on this forum under "Wideband AFR Meters".

    Hope that helps.
    MAP-ECU Support

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