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Thread: Analog input wiring for LC

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    Default Analog input wiring for LC

    Hi Mapecuman,
    I want to use Analog input #1 for launch control switch, should I wire it as KVF input or MAF input style? Also when I when I using mapecu1 fuel table snd uploaded into mapecu3 it's automatically converted for me and filled out all the empty spaces too, is that normal? I'm using V3.5 software.

    Thank you for your time,

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    Hi Tim,

    Apologies for the delay responding, we are in COVID-19 lockdown and we are closed.

    Yes, wire the Analog #1 input the same as the MAF input wiring.

    MAPCAL3 was written to detect the file type from a MAPECU or MAPECU2 and do the best job it could to convert the format to the MAPECU3. Hopefully it works OK.
    MAP-ECU Support

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