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Thread: New Project 94 Toyota Soarer (1jz-gte)

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    I recently finished my single turbo conversion on my Soarer and now that things running well at 10psi on the factory fuel system/computer it is time to start phase 2. I went back and forth between standalone and piggy pack and decided for now to run a map-ecu3 so that I can keep certain comfort features such as cruise control .

    My set-up is simple:
    - CXRacing gt35 kit
    - HKS FMIC kit
    - 3" exhaust from turbo back
    - AEM UEGO to monitor AFR's
    - Currently running 10psi and super rich, need to pull fuel out

    Plans for phase 2:
    - map-ecu3
    - 440cc jdm 2jz injectors
    - Run between 14-18psi pending how afr's look
    - Use map-ecu3 to control boost or manual boost controller

    Please for phase 3:
    - Upgrade fuel pump, still debating between a single walbro 450 or AEM 320
    - Fuel pressure regulator, not sure on brand AEM or Aeromotive
    - Siemens deka 80lb (840cc) injectors
    - Run between 16-22psi pending how afr's look

    - I bought the car imported so I am not sure what clutch is in it so of course that will be replaced at some point along with other wear and tear items as they arise
    - Car will be on 93 pump gas, I looked into e-85, but don't want to take the plunge at this time

    - What base map is the best to use? I was planning on using the map attached that another member posted with almost the exact same set up except auto car. Only call out is that the timing table is not altered, is it best to let the factory ecu control timing as fuel is adjusted?


    - Boost control, I currently have a Greddy Profec boost control solenoid I was planning to use, but see where GM solenoid is preferred. Can someone please provide the correct part number or link to purchase?
    - With the 1jz factory injectors being 380cc will the map-ecu3 be able to pull enough fuel out to run the 840's? I believe the rule is 2x the size of stock injector, so I will be about 10% over that. I could adjust base fuel pressure to make things work



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    Hi James, welcome and thank you for the detailed information about your vehicle.

    We have lots of 2JZGTE base tables tuned for different injector size upgrades but 1JZGTE ones are thin on the ground. You could probably use the 2JZGTE ones to see how they perform even though the VE will be very different. Alternatively, reduce the 440cc table by an overall percentage and see how that runs. Regardless you are going to have to do some tuning. The 440cc table is probably from a MAPECU1 which could explain why timing wasn't tuned. It's best to tune ignition timing yourself as the OEM ECU will only adjust timing if there is knock.

    The part numbers for the GM Solenoid and harness are in the MAPECU3 PDF manual.

    I hope that helps.
    MAP-ECU Support

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    Thanks for the quick reply,

    Understood on the tuning, I will start with the installing the 440cc injectors, load the 440cc 1jz "base" map, and make adjustments to get the car running well. When I upgrade to the 840cc injectors I will scale the over all map back by the correct % and re-tune. Main thing I wanted to confirm was that you have seen a jz platform support over 2x the factory injector size? In this case 380cc x 2 = 760cc, just don't want to be heading down a path that isn't going to work.

    Found the part number for the boost solenoid and connector in the manual and ordered a OEM ACDelco sensor/connector.

    Last question that I have at this time:

    - I am using an AEM wideband that utilizes the bosh 4.9 sensor. The wideband has a 0-5v output, but can also be adjusted to simulate different output modes if needed. Is there a way where I monitor both the factory narrow band O2 sensor and wideband? If not, what would you recommend? I would like to be able to take advantage of the "O2 adjust" features in 'closed-loop' which requires the factory O2 sensor. Am I able to use the 3-way connector external MAP input and configure it to work with the wideband output signal?


    - After reading a little through the manual, can I use any of the unused inputs: analog #1 input (white), KVF input (grey), external map sensor input (white in 3 wire) - to monitor the my AEM 0-5v output?
    - Does O2 adjust work with a factory narrow band sensor or am I wasting time?
    - New question, the switched outputs to control the boost solenoid supply a +12v signal, I will need to ground the other end of the circuit correct? Or is the switched output a ground?


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    Hi James,

    The injector size is a hard one as it depends on a number of factors, like fuel pressure as one example. It will probably be fine but we have to be conservative with our recommendations. Idle and light cruise are the problem areas with large injectors. A rising rate fuel pressure regulator can help if you don’t already have one.

    You would connect the analog output from your wideband to a MAPECU3 analog input (not KVF Input, that one is digital) and select the right O2 file under MAPCAL Configuration. You can’t get accurate AFRs from the stock narrow band. The O2 adjust function is only for the stock narrowband sensors. Refer to the Wideband AFR Meters subforum under MAPECU3 on the forum for more information on wiring and configuring widebands.

    The wiring for the switched outputs is in the MAPECU3 PDF manual available from the Downloads/MAPCAL section of our website. They switch to ground.
    MAP-ECU Support

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