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    The Calc does not read the PLX M300 properly. Can anyone help.
    BTW I made I 709.4 on a Dyno Pac before the spark plugs started to break down. Pushing for 750 RWHP today with new and regapped plugs.

    97 Supra tt
    New Toyota motor with Manley Rods
    Bullseyepower S366 turbo and supporting mods.
    6 speed
    Brent H
    281 236 3667 cell

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    The linear wideband output of the PLX M300 (White wire) parameters are 0V=10:1, 5V=20:1, which is how our PLX lookup table is setup. Check the O2 voltages displayed on the MAP-CAL2 Dashboard and compare them to the AFR displayed. The formula is AFR= (2 x Voltage) +10. Have you connected the PLX Black Ground wire to the same Ground point as the MAP-ECU2 Black Ground wires?

    BTW, great result, your Supra must go like a cut cat!
    MAP-ECU Support

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