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Thread: 4age 16 valve ae86 wiring diagram

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    Default 4age 16 valve ae86 wiring diagram

    is the wiring diagram on the web site for the toyota levin ae86 4age 83-87 going to be the same diagram for my 86 corolla gts w/ 4age 16valve... i figure its the same but on the diagram it shows a wire to the mass airflow sensor where the 4age has a k.a.v. sensor instead a of mass air flow... maybe thats what you guys ment or your taalking about a different version of the 4a-ge that has a mass air flow sensor. i dont know alot about all the versions of the 4age but i know mine is karmin air style.... let me know, thanks

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    We do not have any details on a 4A-GE with a karman vortex frequency air flow meter, our information is for vehicles with flap air flow meters or MAP sensors. Sorry.

    The MAP-ECU2 Karman Vortex frequency signal comes out on the Blue wire of the 16-Way connector.
    MAP-ECU Support

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