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Thread: Installed new injectors, what do i do now?

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    So basically if you had 500cc injectors and upgraded to 1000cc thats a 100% increase or twice the size. To simulate the 500cc injectors at idle you need to cut 1000cc in half so cut the injection rate of the 1000ccs in half to simulate 500cc injectors (at idle) ?

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    That is correct in theory, although nothing in the real world is linear like that so you might decrease the fuel table 40-45% as a starting point and check the AFR's. You have minimum on-time for injectors which can be different for a 500cc injector compared with a 1000cc injector which will affect idle more then load zones.
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    I know it's been awhile, but hoping that someone's got the table for this setup (JDM 2J w/single & 650s).... Mine is VERY much like it.

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