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    Alright, I think I have a unique setup from anyone else I've ever seen on here. I want to post my thoughts on here to confirm this will work.

    First off, my car was a USDM NA Supra. I am swapping a GTE motor, using a UDSM 6speed ecu and I have a JDM 6 speed harness that I have extended to use in the car. 550cc injectors, single turbo swap.

    -My first question is about the IAT sensor. The JDM Supra intake manifold has a IAT sensor located on the manifold. Can I wire this sensor in to work with the MAPECU? I already bought a 2.2k resistor, that I can use. Since my harness is an extended JDM harness, can I just pop the resistor in the plug for the oem IAT plug?

    -Next question, I am under the impression that the MAPECU wires into the same pins for both JDM and USDM ecus. Is this correct?

    I'm sure I have some more questions, but I think this will do me for now. Thanks!

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    Since you are using the USDM ECU then that will drive all the wiring diagrams you use. Remember the USDM ECU is MAF based and has an IAT sensor in the MAF sensor. The JDM ECU is MAP based and has an external IAT sensor. The IAT sensor is compatible with both. You have to wire the MAP-ECU as per the USDM wiring diagram as it is different to the JDM wiring diagram. You also must use a USDM base table. The USDM ECU is also expecting to see a MAP sensor on the PIM input so you need the JDM MAP sensor to remain connected.

    Regarding the IAT sensor, you don't need the IAT and the 2K2 resistor, only one of them. I recommend you wire the JDM IAT to the IAT wires of the USDM MAF sensor, if that makes sense. You will have to compare the USDM and JDM OEM ECU wiring diagrams, it may be the same position.
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